Affiliate Relationships

EWCS professionals have long and extensive relationships with numerous national and regional law firms.

Our Services

As part of EWCS, Affiliates are able to utilize various services and grow their practices without management, back office, and cash flow restrictions. Such services that are helpful in not only constructing final products, but also in securing engagements include:

Analytical Outsourcing

In our experience, many independent firms are challenged by periodic surges in business activity and by the perception that they are too small to undertake larger litigation assignments.  Through an association with EWCS, Affiliates can outsource work in peak periods, and present themselves to law firm clients as having significantly higher bandwidth than as a small, standalone platform.

Extended Capabilities

EWCS is able to assist in the creation of economic and financial models, statistical modeling and analyses, lost-value and lost-profit analyses, data acquisition and analyses, and present and future value analyses and calculations.

Marketing Assistance

EWCS (and Gordian) professionals have been engaged in investment banking, restructuring and expert witness activities for almost three decades.  EWCS believes that through Gordian Group’s extensive legal network, it can dramatically enhance the ability of independent firms to access law firms and to win new business.

Succession Planning

With the supportive network in and among EWCS Affiliate professionals and the in-house professionals, EWCS is able to provide a succession plan for its Affiliates. This will ensure proper continuation and development of the successful businesses Affiliates have personally created.

Back Office Assistance

As low-overhead entrepreneurs, many Expert Witnesses lack the “back office” infrastructure that is important to keep on top of billings and other ministerial aspects of engagements.  EWCS has such infrastructure in place and can assume the bulk of this load.