Peter Kent

E-commerce Consultant, Author, Speaker, Expert Witness

  • Peter Kent is an e-commerce consultant—and the best-selling author of over 60 technical and business books—specializing in digital marketing and Internet technologies
  • Peter has been working in computing for over forty years, working online since 1984, and on the Internet since 1993
  • He founded a publisher of Internet-technology books and created his first online store in 1997; he was also the founder of an e-business service provider funded by one of the world’s largest VC firms, VP of Web Solutions for a national ISP, and VP of Marketing for a Web-development company
  • He has provided consulting services to Amazon, Zillow, Avvo, Lonely Planet, Dunn & Bradstreet, Denver Post, DexMedia, and hundreds of small- to medium-size businesses, in the area of e-commerce and online marketing.
  • Peter’s experience in the online space is broad, covering banner advertising, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, Amazon Marketplace sales, Web development and Web design, affiliate marketing, and more

Testifying Experience

  • Peter first provided expert-witness services (to Microsoft) in 1996. Since then he has assisted in over 110 cases
  • He has testified in a range of areas: patents, trademarks, defamation, contract disputes, unfair business practices, copyright, cybersquatting … the common theme is cases that include an issue related to Internet technology or digital marketing
  • Peter has testified in numerous depositions and given court testimony nine times
  • He has worked on dozens of patent cases, including IPRs and CBMs, and testified in the Eastern District of Texas (Marshall) in the influential DDR case (his testimony was used to invalidate one of DDR’s patents)
  • Peter’s expert analysis was cited by the judge when killing Pinterest’s “Pin” trademark

Publications and Video Courses

  • Peter has written dozens of technology and computer books
  • He wrote the best-selling Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Internet series from 1993 to 2000
  • His SEO for Dummies, also a best-seller, was first published in 2004; the 7th edition is in development now
  • His books include titles on public-key encryption, doing business online, JavaScript programming, and more
  • He has written and presented three courses for LinkedIn Learning/, on SEO and selling through Amazon Marketplace
  • His highly rated SEO course on has 24,000 students
  • His course titled Crypto Clear: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Made Simple is under review for use on Capitol Hill