Stanley P. Stephenson, Ph.D.

Managing Principal, Litigation Economics, LLC


Since 2003 Stanley Stephenson has provided a wide range of economic consulting and litigation support services involving economic damages assessments and expert witness testimony. His experience includes business valuations, economic and quantitative analysis, and market assessments. His services are available to defense counsel and plaintiff attorneys.

Dr. Stephenson has experience in:

  • Economic damages assessment and expert testimony in complex tort and commercial litigation.
  • The economics of various industries including high-tech manufacturing, software development, sugar beet processing, auto dealers, hotel, real estate, eating and drinking places, pharmaceutical, chemical, hospital, insurance, transportation, professional sports, retail, gas stations, cosmetics, ethanol manufacturing, physician and dental care practices, prepackaged log homes, tire-wire waste processing, geothermal electricity production, electric light manufacturing, bowling, and commercial fishing and fish market.
  • More than 400 cases including products liability breach of contract, business valuation, construction defects, business interruption, intellectual property, employment disputes, lost profits, medical malpractice, personal injury, wrongful death, and Lanham Act.

Throughout Dr. Stephenson’s various endeavors, he has:

  • Estimated damages in patent infringements in high chair, pharmaceutical, chemical, infusion pump, natural gas distribution, and pager manufacturing industries.
  • Assessed lost profits in a variety of business disruption cases, such as relocation of a dentist’s office after fire destroyed equipment and records, construction defects in large apartment complexes, contract breach in sale of skin care products, and restaurant profitability after highway access limit.
  • Assessed lost company profits arising from insurance company disputes such as a case in which a delay in claim processing led to a longer business interruption period, after which the carrier sued for the ‘extra’ loss; a case against an insurance broker who failed to provide needed business insurance coverage; a case against a carrier who failed to follow claim processing procedures so that the CEO of a small firm had to take on the carrier’s duties.
  • Evaluated the present value of future medical costs in tort cases such as medical malpractice, products liability, premises liability and related cases.
  • Assessed business valuations in complex litigation involving: gas stations, enterprise software company, ethanol production plant, car dealerships, psychological counseling practice, and best use of a 400 acre parcel in a tenant/landlord dispute, requiring individual valuations and various combinations of golf course (9 and 18 hole), vineyard, spa, hotel, housing development, and restaurant/bar.
  • Estimated damages in several trade secret infringement cases. In one case, defendants took their former employer’s list of customers and suppliers to start a new competitor mail order auto parts firm. In another case, integrated circuit designs and development plans were taken by employees to a competitor semi-conductor firm, which then hired the individuals. In another case, copyright and Lanham damages were assessed in a dispute between an original manufacturer and a distributor.