Expert Witness Consulting Services provides a range of services to independent professionals and law firms engaged in expert witness and related activities

Our Purpose

Expert Witness Consulting Services, LLC (“EWCS” or the “Company”) is an organization focused on Expert Consulting and Expert Litigation Support, especially in Finance, Healthcare and Intellectual Property.

We have assembled a world-class team of Experts, both internal and as affiliates, who can meet your needs for Expert Consulting or an Expert Witness to support your Litigation or Arbitration.

We have experts in every region of the country and they are available to you and your client. You may review these Experts on the Professionals tab of our website.

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For Law Firms

Our Professionals have incremental litigation experience and national recognition within the legal community.  They enhance the services provided by the Affiliated Professionals with analytical, strategic, and infrastructure support. Together, our Professionals and Affiliated Professionals produce an exceptional and seamless work product and experience.

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Our Affiliated Professionals
Our Professionals

   “EWCS’ mission is to bring the highest level of expert witness service to the litigation community, through both plaintiff and defendant roles. We bring credible perspectives, bolstered by years of "real world" experience, to topics such as business valuation, economic damages, Intellectual Property and corporate governance.”
~ Henry Owsley, Co-Founder