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New FINRA Rules

Regulation Best Interest is a Restyling of FINRA

September 17, 2019

Much has been written about Regulation Best Interest and the updates associated with it. It seemed like a lot to digest so it didn’t seem like waiting for the “dust to settle” was a bad idea. However, the dust did not settle. Many states are…

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Business Decisions are Not Necessarily Fiduciary Decisions

July 3, 2019

The directors of a corporation have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders. Their behaviors must evidence prudence and they cannot profit at the corporation’s expense. With regards to Retirement Plans, Plan Sponsors/Investment Committees must behave in a similar way for the benefit of the plan’s…

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ERISA Class Actions and Plan Sponsors Fail for the Same Reasons

June 26, 2019

Ironically, Employer Sponsors of Retirement Plans and plaintiff attorneys for ERISA Class Actions must have access to the same set of skills to be successful. This is an absolute necessity because there is no specific road-map to follow with regards to fulfilling fiduciary duty or…

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Autopsy of a Certified ERISA Class Action: Beach -v- JPMorgan Chase Bank

June 18, 2019

In a recent ERISA Class Action filing, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York certified Terre Beach, et al., Plaintiffs -v- JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association et al., Defendants.  Simply stated, the plaintiffs alleged that the Plan Sponsor breached their…

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The Importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM) for Legal Professionals

June 17, 2019

By EWCS Affiliate Sameer Somal March 26, 2018 This article was originally published by Sameer Somal on the tasanet Knowledge Center. Blue Ocean Global Technology partners with The TASA Group for subject matter expert witness engagements. Reputation, by its very definition is a nebulous, intangible and complex concept. Trust, along with…

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Beltway Catalyst Podcast with Kelly Hickel

March 26, 2019

Thought Leader Spotlight: Kelly T. Hickel on the Beltway Catalyst Podcast Interviewer Peter Kent has a conversation with Kelly T. Hickel, Expert and Litigation Consultant in the field of Technology, Bankruptcy, Restructuring, and Life Sciences C-Level Executive including experience in Valuation, IP, Operations, Bankruptcy and…

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Restructure a Department Store Chain? Try Running One First.

March 20, 2019

It’s no secret that some 20 major brick & mortar retail chains are on the financial ropes, rating agency downgrades are prevalent, and just last week J.C. Penney announced the closure of 140 stores and two major distribution centers. Just three weeks ago, I was…

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Scales of justice

Beware of the Overuse of Formulas and Pre-Packaged Approaches in Damages Measurement and Valuation Engagements

March 19, 2019

Facts are facts. Numbers don’t lie. Statistics can be powerful and economic databases critical. Formulas and templates exist for a reason. But there is no substitute for giving due consideration to the specifics of each case! Our experience tells us as economic researchers, damages experts…

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