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Beltway Catalyst Podcast with Kelly Hickel

March 26, 2019

Thought Leader Spotlight: Kelly T. Hickel on the Beltway Catalyst Podcast Conversation with Kelly T. Hickel, Expert and Litigation Consultant in the field of  Technology, Bankruptcy, Restructuring, and Life Sciences C-Level Executive including experience in Valuation, IP, Operations, Bankruptcy and out-of-court Restructuring. Kelly is the…

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Restructure a Department Store Chain? Try Running One First.

March 20, 2019

It’s no secret that some 20 major brick & mortar retail chains are on the financial ropes, rating agency downgrades are prevalent, and just last week J.C. Penney announced the closure of 140 stores and two major distribution centers. Just three weeks ago, I was…

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Scales of justice

Beware of the Overuse of Formulas and Pre-Packaged Approaches in Damages Measurement and Valuation Engagements

March 19, 2019

Facts are facts. Numbers don’t lie. Statistics can be powerful and economic databases critical. Formulas and templates exist for a reason. But there is no substitute for giving due consideration to the specifics of each case! Our experience tells us as economic researchers, damages experts…

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