Kelly T. Hickel



Mr. Hickel was the Co-founder and President of Expert Witness Consulting Services, LLC(EWCS). He was a Technology, Bankruptcy, Restructuring, Marketing and Consulting Executive with 4 decades of experience in Sales and Marketing including experience in Valuation, IP, Operations, Bankruptcy and out-of-court Restructuring.

Mr. Hickel had a track record of outstanding performance in managing, restructuring and selling companies and their assets including the Intellectual Property Portfolio. He was a consultant since 1990 concentrating on sales, marketing, software development, program management, project management and business management with sales and was a high energy, hard charging individual and a creative team leader and advisor with an ability to identify missions and needs, lead teams to accept responsibilities and successfully handle strategies and tactics to accomplish strong program or project results. He had a way of satisfying challenging situations and showing the participants the validity of his conclusions based on analyses and experience of teaching and leading groups of people throughout his career. He was comfortable in adversarial courtroom proceedings.


  • Extensive knowledge of Marketing from 40 plus years of creating, managing, restructuring, funding, acquiring and selling companies with an emphasis on the technology, pharma and energy industries and managing their sales and marketing organizations.

Specifically, he has

  • Worked with the Board, consisting of the then top AI Scientists in the US. Licensed their first Distributed Networked Computer Operating System and proprietary hardware design and licensed and/or sold the IP and property to IBM for their educational software, to Europe’s then-largest computer manufacturer and Japan’s largest printing press provider.
  • Acquired industry’s first commercial HTML system, developed Aerospace specific applications and sold the IP to a public company for $13 million within two years of acquisition of the IP.
  • Managed operational turnaround of Fortune 500 Computer Disk Drive Company with $600 million of revenue when the prior management defrauded the market and shareholders. Perfected patent portfolio including the industry’s first 1” high hard disk drive. Sold company and its IP portfolio through Chapter 11 in a $900 million return for investors, lenders and shareholders.
  • Advised BOD of a failing Hard Disk Drive startup on the value of their IP portfolio, leading them to an $18 million sale and avoiding the no-asset bankruptcy they had expected, thereby returning 100% of the investment to investors.

  • Perfected IT Technology Portfolio and developed to market first:
    • Automated Criminal Justice System for State and Local Government;
    • Highway traffic information system on southern California freeways.
    • Pulsed Power technology to first electric supplemented vehicles for Japanese automobile company.
    • Helped convert Defense Contractor to Commercial technology provider resulting in Best Performing Public Company in California and 6th best performing company on NASDAQ in 1996.
  • Perfected 5-level Mapping Grid of Permian Basin well licensing and sold the IP to a major oil company for over $1 million.
  • Provided environmental services to oil and gas companies, managing one of the largest downstream services companies in the US and sold the company and the IP to a private investor.
  • Advised oil field services companies in the three top oil fields in the US, advising on their use and perfection of the IP assets.
  • Able to reengineer all phases of organization, from operations to product development to finance. Introduce new products and innovative marketing campaigns to drive sales and profits. Experience in Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Valued and perfected over 120 patents for public company to license from scientist who developed them.
  • Launched public company for Stem Cell solutions.
  • Thorough knowledge of taking companies public. Expert in and out of bankruptcy restructurings. Participated in two turnarounds that were voted #1 in their industry or in the US.
  • Participated in four court proceedings as Expert or Expert Witness establishing values in the 100’s of millions of dollars.
  • IT projects since 1990. Clients from small business to State and Local Government. Managed and delivered 3 sizeable IT Client-server systems with partners including NCR, Unisys and other content providers, perfecting the IP in the recess.

Mr. Hickel’s primary experience over 4 decades has been in creating, managing, valuing and selling assets and Intellectual Property in multiple industries and that experience forms the basis for his Expert testimony. He has testified on an Expert basis in four Chapter 11 proceedings and is very comfortable in that environment.


  • Bachelor of Science, Indiana University, 1964
  • Leadership in the 90’s @ Columbia University (deemed best leader in program history)
  • MIT Forum
  • Economic Development of Pittsburgh
  • Economic Development of Longmont

Kelly can be reached at (646) 652-9912